Broken Audible started with two guys and an idea. We wanted to share our passions (sports, faith, politics, etc.) in our own informative and humorous way. We decided to start with Fantasy Football and our Christian faith – two topics we love to discuss and debate. The trick was finding a way to combine the two in a unique and entertaining format. With the idea in hand, we embarked on our mission to start a podcast.

The two intellectual giants behind the idea are Brandon and Gary. One has the brains, the voice, the personality, and the other . . . well, I will let Brandon fill you in on himself later. We both have degrees from the University of Memphis (well, mine is actually from Memphis State). I focused on Business and Brandon focused on Arts – and yes, we are still friends.

The name Broken Audible came about from numerous technical blunders encountered along our journey. It is a blending two terms that describe us, what we are trying to do and part of what we want to talk about. Audible of football terminology (a change in the offensive play called by the quarterback at the line of scrimmage)